A List of Foods with no Sugar 

All plant based foods including grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and beans no sugar diet contain carbohydrates. Sugar is a simple form of a carbohydrate. Most foods contain either carbohydrates or some form of sugar. Most of the prepackaged foods that are available contain either some form of sugar or a sweetener that contains carbs. Continue reading to learn more about foods with no sugar.


Protein rich foods that have not been processed sometimes contain no carbohydrates. Proteins including milk products such as cheese, milk and other dairy products contain natural sugars. Meats including pork, beef, chicken and turkey do not contain any carbohydrates or sugars. Only those that have been processed and have had fillers added to them will contain carbohydrates and sugars. Fresh fish is also sugar and carbohydrate free.


Unprocessed, natural oils are a form of fat that does not contain carbohydrates. This list includes olive oil, sunflower oil and vegetable oil. These are pure fat with no sugar and no carbohydrates. Pure butter that is unsweetened is also carbohydrate and sugar free.


Beverages including pure tea and water do not contain sugars or carbohydrates. Carbonated water, such as club soda is also sugar and carbohydrate free. The addition of carbohydrates does not add either of these two items.

Any beverage that has been sweetened or has had color added would typically contain carbohydrates and sugar. How much sugar or carbohydrates will vary depending on the type of sweetener or color that has been used. Some of the most commonly used sweeteners include agave nectar, honey, sugar and corn syrup.

Diet sodas and other diet drinks may be misleading. Diet versions of sodas and other drinks will be free from sugar and carbs when they have been sweetened with aspartame but some diet drinks contain added flavorings that may add carbs and sugar. Even products that boast zero carbs may contain trace amounts that are not required to be reported on the label.